Stay Close to Your Numbers Through Cloud Accounting in Sydney and Beyond

At Oracle Accounting & Wealth, we understand that running a business takes a lot of work, and your books and taxes are the last things you’d want to worry about. That’s why we’re to help!

Our team of accountants in Ultimo can handle everything from repetitive bookkeeping and payroll services in Sydney and anywhere, down to tricky financial analysis and tax compliance. Through cloud technology, we can take charge of the entire accounting side of your business more efficiently and make your financial data easily accessible so you can focus your energy on the core aspects that directly impact growth.

Make Better Decisions By Understanding Your Financials

Every sound business decision is based on data-supported insights and never on emotions, gut feel, or intuition. Because we understand that not everyone has an accounting background and your financials are nothing but a complex puzzle that is difficult to crack, our team of accountants in Ultimo has dedicated themselves to assisting small- and medium-sized business owners know and understand their numbers.

By working with us, you can have the peace of mind that your books are taken care of using cloud accounting systems such as Xero, which means there will be no messy paperwork and disorganised records to worry about. Aside from diligent bookkeeping, we can also do the accounting heavylifting by helping you with reports and other management accounting tasks. With our years of solid accounting experience, we can help you interpret your financial data and shed light on your cashflow and budgeting so you can maintain a financially healthy business.

Save Time and Money While Staying Compliant

By working with our team of tax experts in Ultimo, you will be able to navigate through the complexities of BAS, IAS, GST, PAYG, TPAR, FBT, CGT, Income Tax Returns, STP Payroll, and Superannuation without having to spend countless hours learning the ins and outs of each one of these yourself.

What makes Oracle Accounting & Wealth different from other firms is that we are not only in the picture during the tax filing season, but we’re involved all year round. Beyond the timely and accurate preparation and filing of your tax liabilities, we will work closely with you throughout the year to assist you in efficient tax planning, provide timely tax advice, and recommend legitimate tax reduction strategies that will lead to maximum savings on your tax expenses. In other words, we do not only offer hassle-free compliance and help you stay out of trouble with the Tax Office, but we also want to make you happy by ensuring that you do not pay more than what you have to.

We are your trusted tax accountant in Sydney and beyond!

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