Professional Bookkeeping Services carried out by Oracle Accountants, means there’s no double-handling!

Whether you are a sole trader, a growing small business or a multinational company, being able to easily take a snapshot of your finances at any given time is vital. You may want to take out a loan or just keep track of your expenses, bookkeeping is essential to keeping your records up-to-date and report ready when you want them. If you can easily see where your business is headed, it’s easier to make the necessary changes to help you achieve your goals, minimise risks, and overcome challenges.

The Oracle Bookkeeping Advantage

Bookkeeping is the process of record keeping, which differs to accounting but has many tangible & intangible benefits when carried out by Oracle Accounting, such as:

  • Because Oracle accountants do the work, the quality and accuracy of the data is high
  • As well, there are less queries because of the knowledge and experience of the Oracle accountant doing the work
  • It keeps your business organised and if the backend of your business is organised, then you will feel organised
  • Because your books are organised and up-to-date, your business will be able to keep lodgement deadlines and stay compliant
  • It helps provide the business owner with a clear view of their cash position, cash flow and how they’re travelling generally at a given time
  • When Tax Time comes around, you’ll be ready to go because the same accountant that has been doing your books will do your tax return
  • Being able to provide financial reports at the drop of a hat, when the business owner needs to provide financials to the Bank or other Lender for a loan
  • It helps avoid preventable errors by moving the business owners focus from entering data themselves to putting it in the hands of the experts that do it all the time
  • Dispelling the myth that it will cost you more because an accountant is doing your bookkeeping work. How you say? Because we offer fixed fee packages.

We focus on your books, so you can focus on your business

Don’t let Bookkeeping get the better of you

Everyone seems to be time poor these days and seemingly has no time to do the things that they know need doing. It becomes a knot in their stomach but they just don’t know where to start or who to go to. The longer they leave it the worse it gets and then they start getting letters from the ATO and then it becomes a head-in-the-sand scenario and more anxiety that they know how to deal with, and then of course its going to cost a lot money because there’s a lot of catch-up and probably interest and penalties from the ATO. Unfortunately tax and compliance stands still for no man or woman. So why leave it undone and until the last moment? The gods will not favour your business if you fall behind with your record keeping. So how to fix or avoid this scenario?

Get Oracle Accounting involved early

At Oracle Accounting, we believe that having a bookkeeper who also happens to be your accountant, is the key to a successful business. We can if it is your preference, tailor-make a bespoke solution just for your business as we know, one size does not fit all. Having Oracle Accounting take care of your bookkeeping processes will improve productivity and create greater levels of transparency, so you can focus more on strategic decision-making and making money for your business.


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