Oracle Accounting are the trusted accountants for contractors to make your financial affairs simpler. Contractors have unique needs and must ensure they are being paid in full and on time. From invoices through to bookkeeping and business advice, we provide a comprehensive solution for your financial needs with a flat-flee package.

Backed by two decades of experience, our accountants are experts at discerning and interpreting the unique tax implications and structures of contractors and freelancers.  Stay up to date with your bookkeeping and invoicing and say goodbye to late payments or missed deductions.

A Reliable Bookkeeper for Contractors

Just like any other type of business, managing your general accounting, bookkeeping and tax returns is critical to forging a career as a contractor. By entrusting Oracle to oversee your accounting, bookkeeping and tax you are choosing knowledgeable and experienced accountants who have been serving Sydney since 2001. In that time, we have helped thousands of clients efficiently manage their accounts and bookkeeping, including finding reductions on their tax returns. The end of the financial year doesn’t have to be stressful when you have guidance and support from our dedicated team.

With Oracle Accounting, you can now spend less time working on your accounting and focus more on growing your business. Aside from giving you back your valuable time, we can also help you save money by supporting you with your GST, BAS and Superannuation. With our accurate computations, legal tax reduction strategies, as well as timely preparation and filing, our clients avoid filing late or overpaying.

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